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You live in a visual world.

What do the photographs you display say about you? About your loved ones? Are you building and strengthening the bonds within your family?

Do you need

♥ updated family portraits?
♥ updated headshots?
♥ updated school photos?

Do you want

♥ great portraits with no stress or worry?
♥ to proudly show off the family you love and adore?
♥ to choose from ALL your poses?
♥ the option of a Payment Plan?

Give me a call to chat. No pressure or obligation, just two people talking about your family, discussing your needs and concerns.

Many of your neighbors have already been photographed in our studio. Take a look at some of their images to see if you like our style.

Get on our calendar quickly by paying online. You can pay just a retainer fee, or browse through our most popular packages and choose the one that best suits you and your needs. If you need to spread out the cost, use our Payment Plan.

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 Photo of Peggie B. Hensley
Peggie B. Hensley creates heirloom quality portraits and artwork. Whether using traditional art mediums or camera gear in her fully furnished studio in Chapmanville, WV, you will love her work. WE GUARANTEE IT!