Do your hands hurt so much you've stopped doing things that bring you joy?
I've been there too.
Do the manual settings on your camera scare you?
I've been there too.
Do you want to feel better so you can enjoy life again?
I've been there too.
Welcome to a safe place with real solutions.
I'm an artist, born-again Christian, mom, grandma, professional photographer, and retired school teacher with a lot of life lessons to share.
For years I couldn't hold a paintbrush or pencil without pain.  My official diagnosis came with the recommendation that I take a prescription medication for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, it was a medicine that caused other, just as debilitating issues with my health. 

I opted to not take the prescription and began a quest to find safer, more natural ways to treat myself. Thank God I found just that!

Now I live an abundant, virtually pain-free life! It involves life-style changes, of course, but I'm on a mission to share what I've learned with as many people as possible.

So, Friend, do you struggle with pain? Have you put down your paintbrushes, pencils, markers, and all the other tools that used to bring you joy? Are you ready to move beyond your pain and get back to creating the life you want, free of pain?

Perhaps like me, when you could no longer make art with traditional tools, you picked up a camera.  Does it imtimidate you? Do you need help learning how to use it in manual mode? Does image editing software leave you frustrated, feeling lost? I've been there.

I'm not a medical professional; I'm a retired school teacher. Now I'm living my best life serving others by teaching the things that matter most to me.

How can I help You

You can learn to manage pain,
feel more confident using your camera,
and get your creative joy back.
Is pain holding you back? Head over to my new Facebook community, where you'll find other artists dealing with the same circumstances you are. Ask your questions in a safe, encouraging environment and get the help and support you need to gain confidence as you begin painting and creating again. 

Is photography your thing? Check out my new Facebook community specifically for budding photographers. Learn how to move beyond the manual settings of your camera to finally create the images you see in your head. It's a safe environment with others like you who are learning the craft and their camera.

Are you looking for some inspiration and help with drawing and painting? Head over to my new Facebook community dedicated to supporting real people with big dreams of setting their creative self free.

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