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Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem - One Custom Coloring Page at a Time

Do you want to help your child feel 
  • more capable
  • more loved
  • more confident? 
Photographs that include your child will do just that! 
Now, imagine that the photograph is a coloring page that he or she can color as many times as wanted.
It can be a photo from a time she was brave so she can remember how good that feels.It could be a milestone like a birthday, holiday, or the day he learned to ride a bike. Reliving good experiences with a tactile activity like coloring will help your child to cope when confronted by  negative experiences.

Any sharp photo can be used

As long as it isn't copyrighted

Which photos on your phone does your little one want to see again and again? Imagine the joy and love he or she will feel when you give them their very own coloring page! It's my gift to you, no strings attached.   

Yes, i want a

custom coloring page

Meet Peggie


I was an artist that could no longer make art, my fingers just wouldn't cooperate. Knuckles on both hands looked like ripe, shiny cherry tomatoes. I lived with stiffness and pain. My husband suffered too all the damage almost 30 years as an underground coal miner had caused.

We were a MESS!! Thank God we found a solution that did not require medication or doctor visits.

Now I can paint, draw, teach art classes, and live a normal life, free of joint pain and stiffness. We made major changes in our  lifestyle:
  • changed our diet.
  • cleaned up our home of synthetic products.
  • incorporated all-natural household products. (Not green-washed and still dangerous, but genuine pure, plant based products.
  • There's more. But we'll save that for a another day.
Those are the biggies. Our new lifestyle has given us fabulous results. Join us. You can live a better life too!

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