3 Ways to Manage Pain Without Addiction

Living With Pain Affects Every Facet Of Life! 

If you've never experienced persistent pain or lived with someone who does, God bless you!!! 

But ... the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report in 2018 that said 1 in every 5 adults in America has chronic pain. That's roughly 50 million people! That's 50,000,000 people in pain! Read the Report

Another report from 2017 states that an estimated 107 million people in the US suffered from substance use disorders related to Prescription opioid pain relievers! People! We have a problem that the medical industry is not helping!!! Read the Report

I feel 100% confidence in saying that EVERY family in America knows someone with an opioid problem. In my own family, two loved ones have died as a direct result of becoming addicted to Rx medicine following tramatic accidents that resulted in serious injuries.

Read on to the end for an extra tip, one that is making a profound difference in my life.

Three Things That Can Help Manage Pain

  1. Keep a gratitude journal
  2. Clean up your lifestyle
  3. Incorporate daily activity into your lifestyle
Before you roll your eyes and leave the page, please stay with me here. I have personal experience with joint pain; my husband has personal experience with coal mining related back pain. Hear me out, please. Let's take each point and elaborate.

Gratitude Journal

When pain relief is your most pressing need, it is hard to focus on anything else. However, mindset is a key component of pain-management. And adopting a grateful heart truly helps. Start by listing just one thing each day and ponder what that is and how it enriches your life. Read a report that supports this.

Clean Up Your Lifestyle

What we put in and on our bodies matters! What we breathe in daily matters! Take a look at your environment: how many of your daily products have "dirty list" ingredients?
Be More Active

I know. I know! When it hurts to move, we don't want to move. But the sad fact is that when we stop moving, we lose the ability to move. So start where you are. If all you can do is raise your arms from a seated postition, do that. If all you can do is lift your feet off the floor, do that.

Be Consistent. It will probably be slow going, but you will begin to notice that YOU CAN DO IT! And then you will be able to DO MORE!

Where is Your Pain?

Or a better question is this: What is the source of your pain?
I am just an ordinary person, with an extraordinary story to tell. I can't diagnose, treat, or prescribe anything. But, I gladly and happily share what is working for my husband and me. 

And now the surprising thing That Has Been a Game Changer

Actually it was two things. The first was something that seemed like woo woo juice! I was 100% skeptical, but trusted the friend who suggested I try it. BOOM! After incorporating it into my daily routine, Goodbye Pain!!!

The second was Yoga! At first I was wobbly and weak. I didn't think it would be possible to get my body to cooperate. Years of giving in to pain had left my body in a sad, inflexible, and weakened state. But with daily pain and stiffness gone, I knew I had to do something to build myself back up. God sent another friend, this one certified in yoga. She showed me how to do Restorative Yoga. It was gentle, easy to do, and amazingly beneficial. As my body became stronger and more flexible, I was able to do more "real" yoga poses. 

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Break the Grip of Pain on Your Life

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