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For years I couldn't hold a paintbrush or pencil without pain.  My official diagnosis came with the recommendation that I take a prescription medication for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, it was a medicine that caused other, just as debilitating issues with my health. 

I opted to not take the prescription and began a quest to find safer, more natural ways to treat myself. It has been a long journey, but knowing that thousands of others walk this path too, it became my mission to share what I've learned through exhaustive research and trial and error.

You see, now I live an abundant, virtually pain-free life! I firmly believe you can too.

I'm not a medical professional: I'm a retired school teacher, living my best life serving others by teaching the things that matter most to me.

Research is My Jam!
When my four children were still living under my roof, I did my best to educate myself about the dos and don'ts of parenthood:
  • what should I feed them for optimum health?
  • what strategies should I use to encourage good behavior?
  • how could I foster and support individuality and creativity?
  • how could I know which healthy family trends I should adopt and which I should avoid?
  • how could I take care of me so that I had the energy and stamina to care for them?
  • when should I seek our doctor's advice and when should I let nature take its course?
Back then, my go-to sources for answers were their pediatrician, my mom and mother-in-law, older more experienced moms, and books. As you can probably imagine, I often got conflicting advice and had to rely on intuition. Sometimes I got it right; sometimes I didn't.

Now, with around the clock access to digital information, I can find answers with a quick Google search. But the confusion I experienced asking persons I knew is exponentially increased by asking the googles! Every Tom, Josephina, and Harriet freely give their opinions on every subject imaginable.  Mercy! What a nightmare!

I love to research things related to health & wellness and entrepreneurial life. I am willing to try new things (after an exhaustive vetting process) to see if they actually work. And I believe my purpose for being on Planet Earth is to help others. So I created a Facebook group where I freely and openly share what I've learned. It's a safe, judgement free zone for people looking for answers to age-old questions related to families. It's the group I would have LOVED to be in back in the day, before the digital age. Maybe it's what you're looking for. Come check it out. If it doesn't serve you, no big deal, just leave the group.

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