Newborn Portraits at pbh Art, Inc. Studio
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When should I schedule newborn photos for my baby?
The short answer is before you give birth! Good photographers are busy. Many of us have a finite number of days on which we work and those time slots fill quickly.

You will be busy! If you're a new mom you have no idea just how busy you will be! Everything you can pre-plan and prepare will help you immensely. If you're in or near Southern WV, I assure you that we can work well together. Read on for the answers to how that can happen.
How To Schedule

  • We'll have a phone conversation.
  • We'll choose a day/time/location.
  • You'll submit $100 payment for the retainer fee.
  • I will photograph your new bundle of joy.
  • About a week later, you will return to choose the images you want. The retainer fee includes $100 credit toward your prints.
  • You will pay for your order or set up a payment plan that works with your budget.
  • I will submit your image files to a professional imaging lab where your prints will be created.
  • You will return to the studio to pick up your prints and verify that you love them. (This can take up to 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the season. However, print orders are released pickup when your order has been paid in full.
  • All images you choose will be posted on my social sites so you can easily share them with family and friends.
What To Expect 

Your images will include the following: 
  • Ears
  • feet
  • fingers
  • toes
  • face
  • body
  • others as requested and as time permits
You may bring props that are important to your family and I'll incorporate them into your session. Please give me a head's up if you plan to bring things.
When To Schedule 

For traditional squishy baby portraits, your session should be within the first 7 days. After that babies are less flexible and harder to get into deep sleep states.

But if circumstances prevent this optimum scheduling, we will still be able to capture images of your wee one that you will love.

The important thing to consider is how quickly your child will change. Be sure you document those changes with your own camera, if that is the best you can do.

How Many Photos Will I Get?
I'll take many photos of the same setup so you have lots of choices. But I will show you only the very best. You won't have to look through multiple images that are very similar. I'll make it easy for you to choose by discarding anything not up to my standards.

And when you make your choices, you can choose from ALL of the photos I show you, reguardless of how big or small your order is.

For example, if you want 5 small prints and 2 large prints, you can choose 7 different images. They do not have to be all from the same image. 

What Are Your Prices and What Products Can I Get?
At your consultation you'll learn all the ways you can purchase your images and how to get the most value for your money. You will be able to choose from these products and more:

  • small prints like wallets, 5x7s, and 8x10s
  • large prints for your walls, ready to hang - 11x14, 16x20, all the way up to 40x40
  • canvas, metal, acrylic blocks, or artboard mounted prints
  • ornaments
  • keychains
  • calendars
  • keychains
  • license plates
  • birth announcements
  • and many other products
The smallest package I offer is $100 and includes an assortment of small prints. Packages with wall portraits start at $399.

Free Consultation

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