How to Find Friends When You're Lonely

How to Find Friends When You're Lonely
About a year ago a new yoga studio opened in my area. It was an answer to prayer! I had been driving at least 45 minutes to get to a yoga practice, so that didn't happen often, even though I had the best of intentions.

Similarly, I had found a great YouTube instructor (Yoga With Adrienne) but that just didn't work either. I could always get to the videos, so I generally put it off until I was too tired, too involved in something else, or too lazy to "just do it."

So when Britta of Yoga Purpose was led to Logan, WV, many of us believed it was Divine Providence. Many of us were health conscious, wellness seeking, and longing for connections with others. We were very diverse people of all ages and demographics, but one common thread throughout was the need for community and friendship; we were lonely. Not alone, but FEELING alone.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my state of mind was not unlike that of many of my neighbors. We were looking for one thing and found something we needed much more: community.

Our Yoga Community has become Family. While  2020 has been tough: isolation, loneliness, fear, judgement, new mandates, etc., yoga and the friends we've made there have improved our lives infinitely.

Recently I was hired to create images for Britta, Justin, and Kristin. I hope their warmth and enthusiasm comes through in their images. More still, I hope they know what a service they provide!

Justin, Kristin, and Britta of Yoga Purpose