5 Essential Drawing Tools for Artists

5 Essential Drawing Tools for Artists

So you're ready to finally get started drawing, but you don't know what you need or how to get started. As a former high school art teacher, I can hook you up! 

First of all, you need good paper. Not typing paper or copy paper, but honest-to-goodness artist grade paper that will stand up to good drawing pencils and erasing. My favorite all-purpose drawing paper is 90# sulphite loose paper. But you might prefer a bound pad of paper, so I've linked to both below. Whichever paper you choose, I recommend that you get at least 80# or 90# paper. 

You'll also want a good eraser, one that won't buff up the paper and leave ghosts of what you have erased. As long as it's a good quality plastic eraser, you will be fine. 

Next, good drawing pencils are a must. If you already have a good quality #2 graphite pencil, that might be all you need. If, however, you want an actual drawing pencil, I've listed a set of chunky ones that I like plus a good pencil sharpener. Choose smaller diameter pencils if that feels more appropriate. #2, #4, and #6 are my favorites.

Choose materials that speak to you. And know that you can pick all these things up at a brick and mortar store. I'm adding links because that is a super easy way to show you exactly what to look for. (And yes, I might receive a tiny commission if you buy at Amazon.)

Finally, a real person to teach you will exponentially increase your drawing skill. Watching YouTube videos is good and I learn many things that way. But it's empowering to have someone to support you as you learn. Someone to answer your questions, share your work with, and get regular feedback on your progress. I'd like to be your person.