Safely Use Essential Oils For Pets
We love our pets.
They are like family to us. One way we can show them some extra love is by using essential oils. Some people might worry if it is safe to use essential oils around their pets, but the answer is yes! As long as you are careful, you can safely use essential oils around your pet.
Where to Find Quality Oils 
Determining how good an essential oil is can be tricky. You want to make sure that it is a pure and unaltered oil from a reputable company. Oils that you get from your local store are probably not pure and might be harmful to you or your pet. Before you purchase an oil, do some research to make sure it is safe for your pet.
Safety Measures
You can use essential oils with your pets just like you would with people. Pets have a much better sense of smell than we do, so they might be more sensitive to the oils. But experts and veterinarians use essential oils all the time, as do I

Some people say that you should never put essential oils on your animal's skin. But these people might not know the difference between fragrance oils and pure essential oils. Fragrance oils are man-made and can be poisonous to both you and your pets! Make sure that the people giving advice have experience and know what they are talking about.

Benefits of Essential Oils for Pets            
Pure essential oils are not only safe for our pets, but they can also bring great benefits when used properly! Some suggested uses might be diffusing calming aromas such as lavender or chamomile on car rides or during thunderstorms. Peppermint or a blend like Purification, can help keep fleas away naturally. Lemon can help tackle bad breath! Utilizing essential oils topically on certain areas can also help support healthy skin conditions such as hot spots or dry patches. As always, speak with your vet before starting any new treatments on your four-legged family member.

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Happy diffusing :).


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