Keeping Track of Your Wellness Protocol - What's Working? What Are the Results?

A Number Not Tracked Doesn't Grow
This quote has served me well: as a student, a teacher, a mother, and as a businesswoman. Let's face it, unless we're paying attention to numbers, there is no way to know if they're going up, going down, or staying the same: bank balance, weight, grade averages, etc. I joke all time that I have number dyslexia; I just can't seem to hold numbers in my head! So I need help. Keeping track of anything that's a number is a challenge.

Supplements Need to be Tracked Too 
Now that Adron and I are fully invested in living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, we need a way to keep track of our supplement use and document how our bodies are responding. Some of our Young Living products have immediate effects: Peppermint Essential Oil soothes my painful knuckles immediately. Digize EO under A's tongue immediately quells his burning stomach. But we didn't realize that Ningxia Red was giving us more energy and overall wellness until we had used it for a month and, thinking it wasn't doing anything, stopped drinking it.

I Devised a System to Help Us 
Now we have a system to track what works. We can keep track of how much is the optimum amount of a particular supplement to use. For example, A needs 3-4 Sulfurzyme a day, I need 2. 
(Unless we've worked hard and then we add another 1 or two capsules.)

Diffusing Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint EOs worked for our seasonal issues for 2 years. Then it wasn't as effective so we switched to RC or Raven or Eucalyptus or a number of other respiratory supporting oils. Having a record of what we used and how our bodies responded is very helpful.

Some YL products take up to 3 weeks to make a noticable difference. It can be so gradual that we don't notice it. Tracking when we start a new product, how we use it, and what we notice is very beneficial.

You're welcome to download the tracker and print as many copies as you want. I hope you will let me know if it helps you.


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