Do These 6 Things To Get Better Event Photos

Do These 6 Things To Get Better Event Photos

 Have you ever been to an important gathering, took photos hoping to document what happened with beautiful photographs, only to discover later that your pics just don't tell the story?

That's a real disappointment most of us have experienced whether we used a phone camera or a “real” camera.

Back in film camera days, getting the shot right in the camera was vital! Unless we had access to a darkroom and processed the film personally, we got what we got and that was that!

Today it is much easier since, to a point, we can see in real time what the images are. So this isn't about settings or technical camera stuff; this is about how to be sure you capture images that tell the story you want to remember. Following is a list of things to do and not do:

  • Make sure you get pullback photos that show how the venue looks. What is the atmosphere? Is it casual or Professional? Indoor or outdoor? How many people are there? How are they interacting?

  • If you're using a wide angle lens, try to place people withing the frame away from the edges so they aren't distorted. If you “pose” a large group of people, place then in a semicircle, not a straight line. I won't tell you all the reasons why this works, just know that you'll be happier with the resulting photo. (Go ahead and test it. If you don't have people to work with, set up chairs or something else inanimate, first in a straight line, then in a semicircle. Take a photo of each, download to your computer, and see which one is more pleasing to the eye.)

  • Take closeup photos of specific things. Use a good optical zoom lens or “zoom with your feet.” Walk closer. (Digital zooms make things closer by dropping pixels. You'll end up with a pixelated photo.)

  • Be sure to get photos of people so that they are recognized. Get close to them. (Stay out of their bubble of safety, though. Hopefully you have a longer prime lens or good optical zoom lens that will permit that.) A good rule of thumb is to fill at least a third of the image with the person. You'll be cutting part of them off, so pay attention that you don't do that at a joint.

  • If food is part of the event, give people the option to swallow or put down their drink before you photograph them close-up. No one enjoys being ambushed by a camera when their mouths are full. The polite thing is to ask if you may interrupt them for a second. And then honor that second; get the shot and move on.

  • Don't get so hung up on the technical side of photography that you miss important shots. And don't turn into a photographer stormtrooper. If you know the way a person is standing or sitting will be unflattering in a photograph, move yourself to get a more flattering image. Don't intrude on their pleasure in the event.

What Are the Dangers of Synthetic Fragrance?

What Are the Dangers of Synthetic Fragrance?

My family has a curse: asthma and respiratory problems. My baby sister died at age 28 during an asthma episode. Our mother spent at least a week in the hospital every fall when I was very young. Aunts, cousins, and even extended family members struggle to breathe at least part of every year.


Consequently, we have chosen to avoid products with “fragrance” as much as possible. Oh. My. Goodness!!! That is SO hard! It's everywhere and in everything. Walking down the laundry products aisle at the grocery store can send us into a wheezing, coughing fit! If we stay there long, we experience burning eyes and lungs, and scratchy, itching throats.


Take minute right now and go look at your labels. I’ll wait. How many list “parfume” “fragrance”  “perfume” “aroma” or some other innocuous sounding word? Manufacturers are permitted to add fragrance chemicals that we KNOW cause cancer reproductive and developmental toxicity, allergies and sensitivities, and other serious health problems. And they don’t have to disclose the use in order to “protect trade secrets.” But who is protecting people like me and my family? No one.


So we’ve learned to read labels before we buy. At first we were fooled by labels that said "unscented." But when those products caused damage too, we went to the googles and learned what those terms really mean.


Unscented means that synthetic fragrance has been added to mask an unwanted smell! If we wanted products free of synthetic fragrance materials or masking scents, we had to choose labels that say “Fragrance Free.” But, because we are now on to slick marketing tactics, we no longer trust mainstream American manufacturers. Many of their “clean” products are anything BUT clean.


You and I have no control over what others choose to do. Funerals and social gatherings where hugging  happens always comes with a huge risk. When cologne or perfume wearers hug us, their synthetics transfer to our clothes and hang around with detrimental results. If their clothes have been laundered and dried using the typical synthetic-laden products, that just adds to the synthetic fragrance overload. 


Maybe you or someone in your family has unexplained skin issues, or sleep issues, or any number of other health issues. I challenge you to ditch the products with synthetic fragrance in them and note what happens.


At least, the next time you reach for that bottle of smell, please consider the more than 50% of your neighbors with respiratory issues. And know that there are safe, great smelling alternatives.


Thank you.


How to Find Friends When You're Lonely

How to Find Friends When You're Lonely
About a year ago a new yoga studio opened in my area. It was an answer to prayer! I had been driving at least 45 minutes to get to a yoga practice, so that didn't happen often, even though I had the best of intentions.

Similarly, I had found a great YouTube instructor (Yoga With Adrienne) but that just didn't work either. I could always get to the videos, so I generally put it off until I was too tired, too involved in something else, or too lazy to "just do it."

So when Britta of Yoga Purpose was led to Logan, WV, many of us believed it was Divine Providence. Many of us were health conscious, wellness seeking, and longing for connections with others. We were very diverse people of all ages and demographics, but one common thread throughout was the need for community and friendship; we were lonely. Not alone, but FEELING alone.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my state of mind was not unlike that of many of my neighbors. We were looking for one thing and found something we needed much more: community.

Our Yoga Community has become Family. While  2020 has been tough: isolation, loneliness, fear, judgement, new mandates, etc., yoga and the friends we've made there have improved our lives infinitely.

Recently I was hired to create images for Britta, Justin, and Kristin. I hope their warmth and enthusiasm comes through in their images. More still, I hope they know what a service they provide!

Justin, Kristin, and Britta of Yoga Purpose

How To Use Social Media For Business Without Being Salesy

How To Use Social Media For Business Without Being Salesy

Choose the Right MLM
  • Do you love the products so much that you can't help but tell your friends about it?
  • Would you continue buying and using the products even if you never got a commission?
  • Do you trust and respect the company and its leaders?
  • Do you feel like part of a thriving, encouraging, helpful community?
  • Do you have knowledgeable, caring people in your upline who are available and willing to help you in your business?
Be where everyone else is.
  • Over 1.5 Billion people log into Facebook every day.
  • Show them that you have a solution for their need.
  • Working online lets  you 10x - 100x - 1000x yourself.
How to start
  • Find your passion & excitement.
  • What do you like about your product?
  • What problems did it solve for you?
  • Why do you use it?
  • What experiences do you have?
  • What do  you like about the company: community, work from home, independence, other
  • What are you passionate about other than your product?
Share Your Story
  • Choose your platform : FB, Insta, Pinterest, TicToc, YouTube, etc.
  • Find your own voice and style.
  • Be authentic.
  • Post about your life, let your followers know you.
  • Don't worry about what others think. They will think anyway; you don't need everybody; followers will come when they relate to your content.
Consistency is Key
  • It's part of your job to post and interact with followers.
  • It's not a hobby nor a place to mindlessly scroll.
Build a following around your passion
  • Create groups - post exclusive content not open to the public.
  • Provide valuable information so followers want to come back.
  • Ask your followers what their struggles are.
  • Offer solutions.
Create more content than you consume
  • Read a post - create a post.
  • Watch a video - create a video.
Let go of perfectionism
  • Done is better than perfect.
  • Editing content is easy.
Do's & Don't's
  • Don't limit to just Facebook. Share the same content on multiple platforms.
  • Don't send messages to pitch to people you don't know. Get to "know" each other first.
  • Avoid too many selfies. Create shareable content; who's going to share your selfie?
  • Share the WHY, not the WHAT.
  • Share your VISION, not the PRODUCT.
Suggested Tools to Make Sharing Easier
  • Canva
  • Buzzsumo - search content ideas, discover what resonates with your audience
  • Buffer - plan and publish content on multiple channels
  • Linktree - make it easy for people to find and connect with you.
  • VSCO or Snapseed - edit images to create a unified feed
  • Unfold - for Instagram stories

Trust Yourself
  • You know enough to get started now.
  • You can do this.
  • Now is the perfect time to build online businesses.
Ask Me About My Team
Really! Ask me how I get my personal use products FREE each month. Ask me how you can earn extra money each month to
  • pay bills.
  • buy extra things you want.
  • take that dream vacation with your family.

5 Tips For Better Headshots

5 Tips For Better Headshots
So You Need a New Headshot?
With just about everyone having an on-line presence these days, having a good photo for our social media sites is crucial.  My best tip is to hire a professional photographer, but I understand that maybe that isn't an option for you at this time. Here are some suggestions for getting a good photo to use as your public face if you're taking it yourself.

Tip #1
Pay attention to framing, background, lighting. Declutter what's around you in the image. Use things beside or behind you to lead the viewer's eye to your best features. Or away from something you want to minimize.
Tip #2
Make sure it looks like you. If your image is heavily filtered, you run the risk of coming across as a fraud. Images that are glamorized have their place, but for everyday people, we should look ourselves. 
Tip #3
This tip is an extension of #2 and for the ladies: Your makeup application for a headshot should be similar to how you apply it for everyday. You want to come across as yourself on your best day.  If you typically wear nothing more than eyeshadow and lipstick, stick with that.
Tip #4
Remember that it's all about the eyes, the window to the soul. If you're looking directly into the lens the perception is that you have nothing to hide. You are approachable, trustworthy.  To get a good phone camera photo, look at the lens, not your image on the screen.
Tip #5
Give careful consideration to clothing and props. Let your personality come out. Be authentic. If t-shirts and jeans are your everyday attire, consider choosing what you wear by color. Use colors that match the outcome you want:
  • red = aggressive, energetic, provocative, attention-grabbing, passionate  
  • purple = royalty, sophistication, nostalgia, mystery, spirituality
  • blue = trustworthy,  dependable, secure, responsible, confident 
  • green = wealth, health, prestige, serenity, generosity, safety
  • yellow = positivity, light, warmth, motivation, creativity, happiness
  • orange = vitality, fun, playful, exuberant, outgoing 
  • black = prestige, value, timelessness, sophistication, power
  • white = pure, noble, clean, soft 
When choosing clothes, make sure they compliment your complexion and that you feel good wearing them. It will help you to feel at ease and be able to achieve authentic expressions.

These five tips are a good starting point. Begin to pay attention to profile photos that you are drawn to. Start making note of WHY you like them. And as soon as you can hire a pro.

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