How To Use Social Media For Business Without Being Salesy

How To Use Social Media For Business Without Being Salesy
Choose the Right MLM
  • Do you love the products so much that you can't help but tell your friends about it?
  • Would you continue buying and using the products even if you never got a commission?
  • Do you trust and respect the company and its leaders?
  • Do you feel like part of a thriving, encouraging, helpful community?
  • Do you have knowledgeable, caring people in your upline who are available and willing to help you in your business?
Be where everyone else is.
  • Over 1.5 Billion people log into Facebook every day.
  • Show them that you have a solution for their need.
  • Working online lets  you 10x - 100x - 1000x yourself.
How to start
  • Find your passion & excitement.
  • What do you like about your product?
  • What problems did it solve for you?
  • Why do you use it?
  • What experiences do you have?
  • What do  you like about the company: community, work from home, independence, other
  • What are you passionate about other than your product?
Share Your Story
  • Choose your platform : FB, Insta, Pinterest, TicToc, YouTube, etc.
  • Find your own voice and style.
  • Be authentic.
  • Post about your life, let your followers know you.
  • Don't worry about what others think. They will think anyway; you don't need everybody; followers will come when they relate to your content.
Consistency is Key
  • It's part of your job to post and interact with followers.
  • It's not a hobby nor a place to mindlessly scroll.
Build a following around your passion
  • Create groups - post exclusive content not open to the public.
  • Provide valuable information so followers want to come back.
  • Ask your followers what their struggles are.
  • Offer solutions.
Create more content than you consume
  • Read a post - create a post.
  • Watch a video - create a video.
Let go of perfectionism
  • Done is better than perfect.
  • Editing content is easy.
Do's & Don't's
  • Don't limit to just Facebook. Share the same content on multiple platforms.
  • Don't send messages to pitch to people you don't know. Get to "know" each other first.
  • Avoid too many selfies. Create shareable content; who's going to share your selfie?
  • Share the WHY, not the WHAT.
  • Share your VISION, not the PRODUCT.
Suggested Tools to Make Sharing Easier
  • Canva
  • Buzzsumo - search content ideas, discover what resonates with your audience
  • Buffer - plan and publish content on multiple channels
  • Linktree - make it easy for people to find and connect with you.
  • VSCO or Snapseed - edit images to create a unified feed
  • Unfold - for Instagram stories

Trust Yourself
  • You know enough to get started now.
  • You can do this.
  • Now is the perfect time to build online businesses.
Ask Me About My Team
Really! Ask me how I get my personal use products FREE each month. Ask me how you can earn extra money each month to
  • pay bills.
  • buy extra things you want.
  • take that dream vacation with your family.

5 Tips For Better Headshots

So You Need a New Headshot?
With just about everyone having an on-line presence these days, having a good photo for our social media sites is crucial.  My best tip is to hire a professional photographer, but I understand that maybe that isn't an option for you at this time. Here are some suggestions for getting a good photo to use as your public face if you're taking it yourself.

Tip #1
Pay attention to framing, background, lighting. Declutter what's around you in the image. Use things beside or behind you to lead the viewer's eye to your best features. Or away from something you want to minimize.
Tip #2
Make sure it looks like you. If your image is heavily filtered, you run the risk of coming across as a fraud. Images that are glamorized have their place, but for everyday people, we should look ourselves. 
Tip #3
This tip is an extension of #2 and for the ladies: Your makeup application for a headshot should be similar to how you apply it for everyday. You want to come across as yourself on your best day.  If you typically wear nothing more than eyeshadow and lipstick, stick with that.
Tip #4
Remember that it's all about the eyes, the window to the soul. If you're looking directly into the lens the perception is that you have nothing to hide. You are approachable, trustworthy.  To get a good phone camera photo, look at the lens, not your image on the screen.
Tip #5
Give careful consideration to clothing and props. Let your personality come out. Be authentic. If t-shirts and jeans are your everyday attire, consider choosing what you wear by color. Use colors that match the outcome you want:
  • red = aggressive, energetic, provocative, attention-grabbing, passionate  
  • purple = royalty, sophistication, nostalgia, mystery, spirituality
  • blue = trustworthy,  dependable, secure, responsible, confident 
  • green = wealth, health, prestige, serenity, generosity, safety
  • yellow = positivity, light, warmth, motivation, creativity, happiness
  • orange = vitality, fun, playful, exuberant, outgoing 
  • black = prestige, value, timelessness, sophistication, power
  • white = pure, noble, clean, soft 
When choosing clothes, make sure they compliment your complexion and that you feel good wearing them. It will help you to feel at ease and be able to achieve authentic expressions.

These five tips are a good starting point. Begin to pay attention to profile photos that you are drawn to. Start making note of WHY you like them. And as soon as you can hire a pro.

Maternity Portraits for Nick and Chelsea

Maternity Portraits for Nick and Chelsea
Maternity portraits are loads of fun, especially when young siblings are included. Allisyn preferred playing in the sand, but look what a precious photo resulted. Don't you just love her little pigtails?! She can tell her little brother all about it and when he's big enough, he can play there too.
Can you tell she was itching to get back down to the sand? She was a real trouper, though, and cooperated just long enough. 
Truly, there is no other time in a woman's life that can compare to when she's pregnant! Sure, her body sometimes feels like it has been taken over by an alien, but what a joyous time it is! Every moment just makes Momma love that baby more. And by the time she's in the last few weeks, anticipation of meeting him face to face is palpable! 
Allisyn needed a distraction from the sand and this old chair from a falling down farm house was the perfect thing for her to stand on. I just love her little face! I'm looking forward to photographing little brother real soon!

Summertime Fun Without the Hassle

Summertime, Summertime, Oh How I Love Thee.
Are you that person? Were you the kid with oozy sores on your legs every summer. Were you the kid the bugs just couldn't stay away from? Me too! Did your children and grandchildren inherit that trait? Mine too!

Tiny flying critters love my skin. My husband seems to be immune to their bites, while I seem to be a magnet! In year's past, I would slather insect repellent all over myself and hold my breath for as long as possible. Even before I learned how harmful it is, I knew it hurt my lungs.

Thankfully, I've found something that protects me (and my grandchildren) while doing no harm to my endocrine system, my respiratory system, my integumentary system, etc., and something that will stop the itch if we forget and run out unprotected: 

I'll start with the prevention product first.

Young Living’s Insect Repellent is tested to repel mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas using only 100 percent naturally derived, plant-based ingredients.

Pure sesame oil and a carefully selected blend of essential oils traditionally used for their bug-repellent properties come together to make up all 99 percent of the active ingredients in this formula.

The other 1 percent? Vitamin E. That means you can use it on your little ones and not worry about the synthetic chemicals used in many traditional repellents. You’ll also love the pleasant, citrusy aroma and smooth, non-greasy, non-sticky application.

Now the fun part! Young Living's insect repellent is super concentrated. So for every bottle of Insect repellent I buy, I actually get 2 bottles. How? I ordered  spray bottles from Amazon, put half in the new bottle, filled both bottles up with fractionated coconut oil and voila! Two bottles for the price of one. (Link to the bottle below)

And now the "Oops I forgot the Insect Repellent" recipe: 

Disclaimer - I can only vouch for the effectiveness of Young Living Essential Oils. You do you. If you get instant relief from what you have, God bless you.

Start with a 12ml rollerball bottle. Add 10 drops each Frankincense, Lavender, and Tea Tree, and 20 drops of Purification. Top the bottle with Fractionated Coconut oil, replace the rollerball and lid, and swirl to combine. Then, when you have an itch from one of those pesky little critters, roll some on and hear the Heavens sing! 

If you like a supplies list, here ya go.
from Amazon:
You can use the second one to extend the YL Sunscreen Lotion - same process
from Young Living
Frankincense - comes in the products with NO MEMBERSHIP FEE ever? 

Bonus Recipe
For when your nose and sinuses need support. (That's all year round for me.)

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before You Buy a New Camera

So you want a new camera...
Before you go looking at shiny new cameras, ask yourself these three questions: 
  1. Have I learned how to use the camera I currently have? 
  2. What is my purpose for a new camera? 
  3. Will I invest the time to learn how to use all the features of a new camera?
Let's consider question #1
Perhaps you think a new camera will allow you to take "better" photos than you're getting now. But... Do you have your camera on the automatic setting when taking photos? If so, you're missing a world of opportunity! That's assuming your camera was bought within the last 10 years or so. It should have an aperture priority mode, a shutter priority mode, and a fully manual mode. 
  • Aperture mode lets you choose how open or closed the lens opening is - and the camera chooses how long the shutter is open.
  • Shutter mode lets you tell the camera how fast you want the shutter to be and the camera chooses the aperture.
  • Manual mode let's you set everything, aperture, shutter, ISO, etc.
I suggest you grab the camera you have, the manual that came with it, a pen and notebook, and go play. See what each of those settings will allow you to do. NOTE: it is imperative that you determine where your "sweet spot" for shutter speed is. Can you still capture sharp photos at 1/60th of a second? 1/100th? Once you know this number, you'll know your bottom limit for shutter priority mode. Or that you need a tripod.

Now, question #2
Why do you want a new camera? Most digital cameras made in the last 10 years are adequate for hobbyists. But if you want to venture into more professional photography, then by all means, consider a new camera. Do you want an SLR? If so, pay more attention to lenses than camera bodies. I recommend you stay away from kits: a camera body with substandard lenses included. You probably won't be any happier with that setup.

Choose a lens that matches the kind of photography you plan to do. Do some research. Join a private group on Facebook or if you're lucky, a group that meets in person. Bounce ideas off each other. Ask a photographer you trust for guidance. Rent a camera body and lens you think you might like and be sure before plunking down your credit card.

Finally, question #3
A new camera will probably have many more features than your old one. Are you going to take the time to read the manual and shoot lots of photos for the sole purpose of learning how to use it properly? If so, congratulations! You're ready to take your photography up a notch. 

If not, save your money.

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