Meet Peggie B Hensley

I’ve always been entrepreneurial minded, selling my first painting while still in high school. As a young mom and wife of a coal miner, I found other ways to make much needed extra money without leaving home: sewing, crafting, quilting, painting.

All those were one to one services: trading time for money. 

In my mid 30’s, a serious health crisis led to finding natural holistic remedies and  lifestyle changes.

As my children became adults & left home, I worked outside the home as a high school teacher: trading time for money. 

As broadband internet access replaced 14k dialup, I spent countless hours researching: health & wellness and ways to make extra money. I tried (and failed) using some of the strategies I discovered.

Today, at almost 70, my mission is to use all that I’ve learned to serve God by helping other mature Christian women regain their health and find ways to serve God without getting stuck in research mode or in analysis paralysis.

Welcome to our community. Welcome to finding your purpose. 

With warmth and blessings,

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